Maze Writing Handwriting Program

Maze Writing Handwriting Program
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A to Z handwriting pages filled with Super Fun Mazes!  With fun and challenging mazes on every page, Maze Writer is NOT your standard handwriting curriculum.  Eight challenging mazes for every letter of the alphabet! 200+ Pages

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What’s Included?

For each letter of the alphabet, we’ve included eight different maze and activity pages for a total of 208 sheets.  Each page has been specifically designed to have FUN and Educational content for your child and prints in the order necessary to build letter recognition and handwriting skills.  Children will also learn ASL hand signs along with beginning letter animals and words.  We’ve also included a work page that presents the letter in a different font to provide you the opportunity to show children different variations of the same letter.


  • Alphabet Formation Chart
  • Beginning Letter Maze
  • ASL Uppercase Maze
  • Beginning Letter Maze & Color
  • Uppercase Maze & Handwriting
  • Lowercase Maze & Animal Trace
  • Letter Maze & Font Recognition
  • ASL Review, Letter Maze & Handwriting


Daily Schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Letter Formation Chart

Beginning Letter Maze

ASL Uppercase Maze

Beginning Letter Color

Uppercase & Writing

Lowercase & Animal

Letter Maze with Font Recognition


General Overview:

Alphabet Formation Chart

There is simple instruction to help children with their formation of the uppercase and lowercase letter.


Beginning Letter Maze

At the top of this activity page is a beginning letter shape maze to solve.  A blank uppercase and lowercase letter is provided for children to roll out playdough, fill with stickers or stamp with bingo markers.


ASL Uppercase Maze

This activity page provides children with an uppercase letter maze to solve. The ASL hand sign for the letter is shown for children to practice forming the letter with their own hand. A row of uppercase handwriting practice is provided.


Beginning Letter Coloring Page

This activity page features a lowercase letter maze for children to solve, alongside a beginning letter coloring page.  Lowercase lettering practice is provided across the bottom.


Uppercase Maze w/Blank Handwriting

This activity page features a large uppercase letter maze alongside blank spaces for children to practice their letters.  This is a good opportunity to remind children to go slow as they form each letter.


Lowercase Maze w/Animal Trace

This activity page features a lowercase letter maze for children to solve as well as a beginning letter animal to trace.  Lowercase letter practice is provided across the bottom in a dyslexia friendly font.


Letter Maze and Font Recognition

Children work their way through the maze by following the correct letter.  Below is a variety of different letter and fonts for children to practice visual discrimination skills to find and circle the letter.


Letter Review Page

The final page for the week reviews the ASL hand sign and stroke order.  Children solve the maze with a colored marker to reveal a hidden letter inside, then complete the handwriting practice at the bottom.

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