Interactive Math Notebook: Kindergarten

Interactive Math Notebook: Kindergarten
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This comprehensive kindergarten math curriculum provides you with a full year of hands-on math lessons, games and activities.  This complete set includes an interactive daily warm-up folder and optional printable math manipulatives.



Covering 4 days/Week over 36-weeks, students complete a daily worksheet alongside a daily game or interactive activity.  Designed to keep students engaged while keeping the prep-work to a minimum this set coordinates perfectly with our R.E.A.D. Curriculum Notebook.


Daily Warm-Up Folder: Each day your student will review their daily warm-up folder prior to starting any new lessons. This folder serves as a simple way to work on key math skills in small time chunks over the entire year. While we have teaching suggestions available, this is intended to be quick, unscripted time for you to connect with your student to cover key concepts.

Daily Lesson Worksheet

For each daily lesson, students receive an instructional worksheet covering a new concept or skill.  Students follow simple instructions to complete the activity.  As the week progresses, students build upon each specific skill with new and engaging activities. Each daily lesson is reinforced with a hands-on activity that prints on the back side of the page.


Daily Hands-on Activities & Games

For each daily lesson, students complete a hands-on activity page or game to reinforce the new concept or skill.  We’ve taken great care to make sure these games require minimal prep work and use supplies that you are likely to have on hand.

Course Overview:

Interactive Math covers 4-days/week over 36-weeks and is a complete kindergarten math program.  Prior to starting, students should have a good foundation in number recognition and number names.  Over the course of the curriculum, students will learn number patterns, ordinal numbers, number value, addition, subtraction, counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s, place value, number bonds and more.

Practical Math: Each month students will focus on practical math concepts to develop necessary life-skills.  These topics include counting money, telling time, using a ruler, estimating, reading a calendar and more.

Review Weeks: Review weeks cycle every 5 weeks and provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of concepts learned during the previous 4 weeks. Online math games targeting each concept are suggested for some extra fun practice while assessing student skill level.  For more details please see the sample pages above or the chart below.

Watch the video above for a complete overview of Interactive Math for Kindergarten.

Customer Reviews

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You get to do something fun every day!!!

There is a fun exercise after each day!!!!!!!!!
It helps keep us on track.


This is just what I needed for one of my Math rotations. Great job!

Engaging, cute and well-designed

I bought this for my 4 year old boy who loves anything to do with animals & coloring - this math notebook was an instant hit with him - it has very engaging exercises - all along my son thinks he's just playing one game after another yet in reality he is learning every step of the way - I usually have to pluck him away from the notebook to other subjects because once he gets started with this math notebook he doesn't like to stop - he loves completing the activities in it all by himself & gets upset if i try to offer any help :) (GOOD SIGN!) - The only complaint I have, so far, is that the page numbers (printed on the pages) don't coincide with the pdf page numbers that the printer recognizes for printing and this mismatch has led to wasted ink and paper for us on quite a few occasions - Other than that I am quite satisfied with the purchase, my son seems to be happy, so I am happy too :) and I have no hesitation recommending it to other homeschooling parents of kindergarteners.

wonderful product

Being from India, very difficult to get hold of good International Standard Maths curriculum here. This notebook takes care of that completely. detailed, easy to explain steps, gradually building up in complexity - just perfect for a kindergartener all year through.

Great Curriculum!

The curriculum is really easy to use. My son is truly enjoying it.

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